Customer Resources

At Canada Mobile our goal is to provide you with the best possible service and information available to allow you to manage your wireless communications with as much ease and simplicity as possible. To this end we have compiled some information that we feel can be helpful. As always, if you have any questions that we have not addressed here, please contact us.
Complete Customer Care Plan
Turbo Hub Loaner Program
Returns on Mobility Product
Travelling and Roaming
Email or Data not working
The Complete Customer Care Plan is designed to provide you with significant savings for the servicing of your cellular hardware.
Contact us to find out if your eligible for the low price of $69.95!
You will receive the following services, with no additional in-store charges for a period of 24 months from the original point of purchase:
Replacement SIM cards
SIM Provisioning Fee
Loaner Equipment
Software Upgrades
Smartphone Software Update/Health Check
Hardware Processing Fee
Serial Number Changes
Shipping & Handling of In-Warranty Repairs
Phonebook Transfers
Photo Transfer - 500MB
Out of Warranty Repair Estimates
Repair Assessment Fee
Bluetooth Pairing – Headset
Bluetooth Pairing – In-Car
Plus... You receive a FREE car charger and 20% off ANY cellular accessory! a $39.95 value.
The Complete Customer Care Plan will only be honoured at the Orillia Bell Store and must appear on the original receipt with the device to which it pertains. This Customer Care Plan is non-transferable except to another cellular phone/device exchanged through the Buyer’s Remorse or DOA procedure.
1 Loaner equipment may differ from your existing phone model and is subject to availability. Customer will be liable for the replacement value of any lost, stolen or damaged loaner equipment. Should a phone/device be deemed physically damaged or water damaged, the Orillia Bell Store will not be liable through this care plan for repair and / or replacement fees. These fees shall be the sole responsibility of the customer.
Orillia Bell makes no guarantees when or which Bell Mobility accounts will be Hardware Upgrade eligible. This is determined by Bell Mobility at their discretion and is subject to change without notice. Upgrade ineligibility affects the terms of the Customer Care Plan and will not be redeemed without this requirement.. 
Turbo Hub loaners
Considering mobile internet solutions? Canada Mobile offers you the opportunity to "Try before you buy”!

We offer both Turbo Hubs & Turbo Sticks on a trial basis so you can verify signal/coverage prior to purchase.
There is no cost associated with this service, but a refundable equipment deposit may be required and all requests are on a first come- first served basis.

Call 1-877-523-5599 for details about our Loaner Program.
New Buyers Remorse Policy
Effective July 1st 2010
The new Buyer’s Remorse policy (BRP) includes both the client’s hardware and their wireless service contract.
Mobile Phones and Smartphones
Internet Sticks and Hubs
New BRP Policy
*14 days of purchase or 30 minutes of voice usage, whichever comes first. Mobile phones and Smartphones are not subject to data thresholds.

*14 days of purchase with data usage not exceeding 50 Mb.
*For Turbo Hub voice only, voice usage must not exceed 30 min.


Travel USA bundles

Save on long distance and roaming when travelling in the United States. Bundles start at just $30.

With your bundle of roaming minutes, you can make local and long distance calls day or night. All long distance and roaming charges are included.

To add roaming bundles please contact 1-800-667-0123 or add them through the MyBell App on your Smartphone.

These bundles do not cover calls to toll-free numbers (e.g. 1-800 numbers) and directory assistance (e.g. 411).
Contacting Bell while travelling abroad
For customer support when travelling abroad, you can call us free of charge using these methods:

• From a Bell mobile phone: +1 514 420-7748 +1 514 420-7748
• From a landline phone in the United States: 1 800 667-7626 1 800 667-7626
• From a landline phone in 21 countries: +800 328-2123-3

Note: If your phone or SIM card is lost or stolen while you’re travelling you should report it immediately to Bell Mobility customer service at one of the numbers above to avoid being held responsible for fraudulent charges.

Note: roaming is not available on Prepaid plans.
Email or Data not working

call Bell data technical support at 1 877 328 2123